Residential Services

Spaulding offers two types of residential services for eligible individuals with developmental disabilities in Onondaga County. The support and services of the program are based on each person's abilities, needs and his or her ever changing life circumstances. Our experienced direct support professionals provide round the clock supports.

The two types of residential services offered by Spaulding Support Services include Certified Supervised and Certified Supported Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs/Group Homes).

In our Supervised IRA's support is provided 24hours a day, seven days a week in one of the agency owned homes.

In our Supportive IRA's, people have their own apartments either by themselves or with a roommate in a clustered setting in an apartment complex. Staff is available to them 24 hours in the event of an emergency but directly provides scheduled supports to the individuals based on their unique and evolving needs.

Residential services are provided by trained, ethical and respectful staff that supports each individual to live as independently and productively as possible while promoting their safety and well-being. Residential services include teaching, support and assistance in many areas including personal care, meals, transportation, health and medical oversight as well as financial management. Our agency's focus is the expansion of an individual experiences, meeting their medical and social needs incorporating their valued outcomes, maintaining and developing friendships, honoring choices, community involvement and empowerment.