Community Habilitation Services

Community Habilitation is provided in the person's home or in their community. Community Habilitation works in collaboration with supports provided by other services and by the individual's informal natural supports.

Community Habilitation isn't just a service. It's a relationship between an individual and a trained staff person. As they develop a partnership, they take on life's day-to-day tasks and obstacles together.

Community Habitation services assist each individual to live as independently and productively as possible while promoting their safety and well-being. Services include teaching, support and assistance in many areas including:

Menu Planning - Staff not only help organize and conduct these tasks, they empower individuals to eventually perform them independently.

Money Management - For individuals living independently, this tasks can be daunting. Staff will help the individual learn how to budget and manage expenses.

Keeping House - From organizational skills to basic cleaning, this tasks becomes a learning opportunity for the individuals we serve.

Recreation - All work and no play is not healthy for anyone! Staff are experienced in assisting the individuals they serve in finding appropriate and fulfilling recreational activities.

If you would like to know more about our services, please call (315)478-6210 and ask for the Community Habilitation Program Coordinator.